Keeping Your Balance

Navigating Wisely through the Challenges of Life

Keeping Your Balance looks at the challenge that Christians face in maintaining a biblical balance in seven key areas of life. These include the following: family and ministry; self-denial and liberty; patience and confrontation; the temporal and the eternal; the inner man and the outer man; reality and hope; and striving and trusting. In each of these categories, the author first highlights the balance that is clearly set forth for the believer in Scripture. Second, a discussion is presented of the symptoms that may be manifested when an individual loses balance in a particular area. The practical life consequences of that imbalance are also examined.  An understanding of these tensions is absolutely vital for living a life to the glory of God.

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About the Author

Pam was born and raised in a Christian home in Houston, Texas.  She met Carey while she was pursuing a degree in nursing at the University of Houston, and they were married in 1976. The Hardys moved to the Los Angeles area in 1990 for Carey to attend The Master’s Seminary. They lived there for 16 years, ministering in various capacities while Carey was a pastor on staff at Grace Community Church. In 2006, they moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Carey now serves as the senior pastor at Twin City Bible Church. Carey and Pam have two sons, two daughters and two grandchildren. Their oldest daughter is married and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  Their oldest son resides in Winston-Salem with his wife and two children. Their younger son also lives in Nashville and their younger daughter is a resident of New York City.

One of Pam’s greatest joys is studying the Word of God and imparting its truth to other women.  For several years Pam taught in the track for wives at the annual Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church. In addition, she continues to periodically speak at retreats and conferences for women.

Pam’s hobbies include reading, writing, and music. But she spends most of her time being at Carey’s side to support him, and to love and serve the people he shepherds.